Special Trust

Our special trust has been designed to give you the very best option in caring for yourself and your dependents.​

The Product

We all desire a life where our families and dependents would be fully catered for while we are alive and even after our death. Our special trust has been designed to give you the very best option in caring for yourself and your dependents.


• No minimum amount required to set up a Trust Fund account.
• Tenor to be specified by settlor.
• Regular Statements of Account as agreed.
• It is highly confidential.
• It ensures family security.
• Incapable of being abused by relations or other personal representatives.
• Probate is avoided.
• The trust is not hampered by death of the Settlor.
• The trust is designed to assist in making effective financial planning arrangements for families.
• It is cost effective and reduces administrative costs.


• Are your affairs in order? Do you have a Will? Do you have a Trust?
• Do you love your children and want the best for them when you are no longer available to provide for them?
• Do you have a financial plan for your family and all who depend on you if you come across stormy weather?
• You should be aware that your estate does not have to go through probate and your family does not have to worry about the immediate need for cash if you have established a Trust Account where they are secondary beneficiaries.


It enables you to care with utmost confidentiality and regularity but with minimal personal involvement for the well being of your dependants and/or relations by setting aside any trust asset (e.g cash, properties, jewelries, e.t.c) to be administered for the benefit of the named beneficiaries, which could also include yourself. The commonest model is for the head of the family and his/her nuclear family to have a Trust separate from that of their relations and dependants. With this, we will render such services with utmost confidentiality and strict adherence to your declared wishes. All these arrangements are documented in a legal document called a Trust Deed.

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