Zenith Individual Investment Trust (ZIIT)

This Trust is directed to help you top up your life in future especially in retirement, thereby helping you to prepare for a rainy day.​

The Product

We all dream of the day when we can take life a little bit slower and have the chance to enjoy the things we always wanted to do. With the “Zenith Individual Investment Trust” (“ZIIT”), you can actually achieve that goal.  This Trust is directed to help you top up your life in future especially in retirement, thereby helping you to prepare for a rainy day.


•No minimum contribution is required
• Payment can be Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually.
• Minimum maturity period of two years.
• Payment can be made in cheques, cash, warrants, direct debit, etc through Zenith Bank branches.
• Quarterly Statements of Account.


• The Trust Fund can be disbursed as annuities or a lump-sum payment to the beneficiary after a predefined period, in the event of death, disability or loss of job as stated in the Trust Deed.
• The Trust Fund allows for flexibility in carrying your requests with or without your presence, for instance – payment of fees for designated projects, amount to be paid, e.t.c
• The ZIIT guarantees wealth creation.
• The Investment Trust Fund is separate from the settlor’s estate and is therefore protected from creditors.
• It is cost effective and reduces administrative costs.
• Online quarterly statements of accounts are available.


ZIIT is largely for yourself, bearing in mind that in addition to what your employer will do for you when you retire or what you would get from Retirement Savings Account, you will have something additional to support you. With ZIIT you are the beneficiary, but in case anything happens, then the benefit of the Trust will go to your spouse or children as you may direct us to do.  All these arrangements are documented in a legal document called a Trust Deed.


• Are you depending on only one source of income when you retire?
• Have you thought about the different sources of income you can generate apart from your pension scheme?
• Wouldn’t you want to give yourself a separate target to achieve that dream plan?
• You should be aware that your estate does not have to go through probate and your family does not have to worry about the immediate need for cash if you have established a Trust Account where they are secondary beneficiaries.    

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